Nathan SalsburgSought & Hidden

Nathan was one of my closest friends towards the end of high school and we were in a punk band called Amaroq. We spent a good amount of time listening to records in his bedroom and playing guitar. Ever since I can remember he has always been able to play the most intricate and beautiful acoustic music.

Many years later after playing in a handful of bands he is putting out his first solo record called “Affirmed” on No Quarter records. If you like this track you should pick it up.

I hear it took Salsburg a long time to make Affirmed, and it sounds it. Not because the picking is complicated, which it is—I suspect Nathan will eventually be recognized as among the foremost American acoustic guitarists, for anyone keeping that score—but because there is so much emotion here, so much full-grown, that it must have taken a life, at least." — M.C. Taylor

An old friend (and band mate) of mine, Nathan Salsburg was on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert
With his brilliant debut, Affirmed, Salsburg is likely to become one of those names we all associate with American folk guitar. Here, he showcases his intricate and melodic fingerpicking in two instrumental songs inspired by the stories of racehorses from the Kentucky Derby.